The Prime Infusions Advantage

Prime Infusions is New York’s fastest growing, independently-owned, infusion pharmacy. We understand chronic conditions and serious illnesses are challenging, but treatment doesn’t have to be. Our staff puts patients first and fights tirelessly to help them get the care they deserve.

When it comes to patient and prescriber satisfaction, adherence rates, and overall care, the results are clear: Prime Infusions is like no other infusion pharmacy.

We are Prime Infusions and we are
here to help


Whether you need your delivery in a few hours or a few days, we are here to help. Most deliveries can be made to the patient’s home or a Physician’s practice in 4 hours or less.

Open 7 Days a Week

Experienced Pharmacists, nurses and support staff are available 24/7 to answer any question you may have regarding our treatment options.

Quality Preparation

Our products are produced in our state of the art facility which meets and exceeds all state and federal standards.

Expedited Provider Services

Our dedicated Prior Authorization Department will fight tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the treatment they need and deserve.

Multi-Service Infusion Pharmacy


Ulcerative Collitis and Crohn’s Disease


Infectious Disease

Blood Factors

Multiple Sclerosis

Hepatitis C


A Hands-On Approach To Patient Care

Our pharmacy team has a mission to care for the “whole person” – not just to prepare prescriptions and treatments. We understand that patients have questions and our team provides personalized and onging support to the patients under our care.

We offer superior service, unmatched support, and clinical resources to help our patients heal and thrive.

Prior Authorization Success Rate
Medication Adherence Rate
Patient Satisfaction Rate
Of Patients Receive Their Medication With An Out Of Pocket Cost Of $20 Or Less

Affordable and Flexible Infusion Services

As a pioneer in the field of outpatient infusion, Prime Infusions offers the flexibility to provide complex infusions at a patient’s home, clinic, or doctor’s office. In doing so, our patients report higher levels of overall comfort, satisfaction, and adherence to their treatment when compared to hospital based infusions. For many patients, our infusions are available for a fraction of the cost of traditional hospital-based treatment.

Prime Infusions prides itself on a continued commitment to exceeding the Federal and State requirements standards for sterile compounding. Our processes meet or surpass even those found at large university hospitals.

Dynamic Facility

  • A dynamic Policy & Procedure manual and extensive quality assurance
  • A USP 797 complaint sterile environment
  • Positive and Negative pressure environments for the protection of our most sterile and sensitive products
  • Ongoing training for our expert infusion Pharmacists
  • Scheduled and random inspections to ensure continued quality

Quality and Safety Contorl

  • Verification by Clinical Pharmacists
  • Preparation by highly trained Infusion Pharmacists
  • Double verification by a second Clinical Pharmacist
  • Packing to ensure continued sterility throughout the shipping process

Patient Welcome Packet